Coronavirus: Akufo-Addo eases one-hour limit on churches, mosques

President Nana Akufo-Addo has lifted some more restrictions on religious activities following progress in the fight against coronavirus.

In his latest address Sunday, the president said churches and mosques are no longer required to hold one-hour services.

Now, religious activities can go on for two hours with restrictions on attendance limit also removed. But a one meter social distancing ruling still applies during religious services.

He said the fresh easing of restrictions was informed by the data which shows a progressive slowing down of active cases.

Ghana has recorded 32, 437 coronavirus cases. Some 161 people have died while 28, 927 have recovered or been discharged.

But active cases stand at 3,510. This is the figure that the president wants to draw attention to.

He said during his last address on June 27, 2020, active cases were 4,245 while recoveries were at 12, 994.

But a month later, recoveries and discharges have increased by more than a 100% while actives cases have dropped by nearly 1,000.

Based on the lowering in the number of active cases, the president said Ghana is en route to defeating the coronavirus.

“I dare say it is the grace of God” he said and also praised health workers for their “immense and dedicated hardwork”.

The president said he was happy to announce a restriction on religious services and confessed “I sourly miss going to church.”

The new easing of restrictions, he said, was in consultations with religious leaders.

Nana Akufo-Addo praised religious organisations for strictly adhering to the safety protocols and urged them to continue with compliance.

He also pointed to the effectiveness of the measures imposed since Ghana recorded cases on March 12.

The fear of coronavirus is believed to have severely ebbed in Ghana.

Feared when Ghana recorded its first cases in March, government has been urging the public to remain calm, adhere to safety protocols in what has been called “the new normal”.


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