Coronavirus is a satanic agenda against the church – Agyin Asare

The leader and founder of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyin Asare has said the novel coronavirus is a ploy to prevent Christians from worshiping together.

According to him, it is amazing how people can go about their economic activities without fear of contracting the virus but won’t attend church.

“They are okay to sit in trotro, taxi, and go everywhere. But when it comes to church it is like at the gate of the church, we are distributing coronavirus. That is what the devil has made people think,” he noted.

Wading into the gross disregard for the coronavirus safety protocols witnessed during the NPP primaries, the evangelist said, “Is it not amazing to you that people are okay to go and vote in primaries? They are not afraid that they will get coronavirus” he quizzed in a video.

Ghana’s coronavirus cases stand at 14, 154 with 85 deaths, and 10,473 recoveries.

The number of active cases is 3,596.

All 16 regions have confirmed cases of COVID-19, with Greater Accra leading the chart. Ashanti and Western Region follow keenly with 8,075 and 1,148 cases respectively.

Watch the full video below;


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  1. K. Amoako says

    Pure ignorance.
    Fake, fake, fake!!!

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