Daddy Lumba’s Song ‘Ofoo Na Odi Nsem Foo’ Not Targeting Great Ampong-Roro

Source The Ghana Report

Ghanaian music producer and sound engineer, Roro has explained that the latest hit song disses by Daddy Lumba ‘Ofoo Na Odi Nsem Foo’  is not targeting any specific individual like Great Ampong as he has asserted.

The award-winning sound engineer said the beef between Daddy Lumba and Great Ampong must not escalate to another level since the duo have been best friends over the years and had collaborations.

Speaking on Akoma FM, Roro said the abusive words used in Daddy Lumba’s song must be disregarded by Great Ampong since the song was not targeting him.

“Daddy said somewhere in the song that, Ɔne mpreko nnworo literarily translated that he does not play with swine, and obviously we have played with him countless times, and Daddy Lumba is no swine himself. Daddy also said that hwɛ bɛrema anim asɛ n’akyi, meaning – take a look at a man whose face is like his back. And looking at Ampong and myself, obviously, we look so good and far from that description,” Roro said.

In responding to the abusive words used by Daddy Lumba in his song, Great Ampong also came out with a new song titled ‘Onyame Akatua’ which literally means God’s reward which he also denied that the song was not against Daddy Lumba.

According to Great Ampong, someone within Daddy Lumba’s team informed him that the song ‘Ofoo Na Odi Nsem Foo’ was against him(Great Ampong), hence that was the reason for his new release ‘Onyame Akatua’.

“My new song is not a diss to Daddy Lumba and that is the truth. Yes, I will respond to him later but what I want people to understand is that Onyame Akatua is not targeted at anyone, especially Daddy Lumba.

“This song carries a general message to listeners. Should I do a song for Daddy Lumba, I will boldly mention his name. When I did a song for Nana Akufo Addo, I mentioned his name. So, what will stop me from doing so now?” he quizzed.

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