Demand for Western Togoland “figment of imagination” – Bawumia

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has assured the country that the security agencies will deal with the “criminal activities” of secessionist groups.

At least three separatist groups want a breakaway from Ghana to form the Western Togoland, carved out of parts of the Volta, Northern and Upper East regions, Oti and North East regions.

They have carried out multiple attacks leading to destruction and a loss of life.

Commenting on the development, Dr Bawumia, who is also the chairperson of the police council insisted that: “The area, today, being described as Western Togoland must be a figment of your imagination. It does not exist,” he maintained.

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Dr Bawumia insisted that the Mamprusis, Gonjas, the people of the Oti Region “are part of Ghana and they have not expressed interest in going anywhere”.

He, therefore, questioned the geographical location of the supposed Western Togoland.

For him, “there is no legal basis” for the demands.

He discouraged the public from treating the development as a political matter but a national issue. “There is no issue about losing one inch of a part of Ghana” he added.

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He described the secessionists as “criminals who are trying to misrepresent history”.

Dr Bawumia who was speaking to Asempa FM in an interview monitored by disclosed that the security agencies “have foiled things that could have been worse and they are working”.

He was confident that the government’s investment in the security and intelligence equipment would yield results in crashing any insurgents.

The most recent of the activities of the rebels was the attack on an Inter-City STC bus terminal at Ho in the Volta Region.

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They burnt down a bus and assaulted the drivers amidst firing of guns

The attack was the second in four days. No suspect has been arrested by police in relation to that attack.

But 31 suspects have been granted bail after being slapped with charges for riots on Friday, September 25, in the Volta Region.

Secessionists belonging to the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) blocked roads leading to the Volta and Oti regions, including Kpong-Akosombo, Juapong-Ho, Ho-Mepe, Sogakope-Accra.

They attacked two police stations at Aveyime and Mepe and seized ten AK-47 assault rifles after breaking into the police armoury.

They also ransacked the police stations, released inmates in custody, physically assaulted and injured police officers.

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The secessionists have turned the notch of their demands higher, resorting to violence.

Before that, they would give public speeches and post photos of emblems, signages of what they called the Western Togoland state.

HSGF is led by Charles Kormi Kudzordzi, aka “Papavi, a 78-year-old man.

He spearheaded a declaration of independence for Western Togoland, saying they were no more part of Ghana, in May 2019.

He was arrested with some members of the group but later released.

Others have faced prosecution in different regions in the past but that has not deterred their activities.

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The Asogli State in the Volta Region does not subscribe to the Western Togoland objective and have vowed to release warriors to aid state security to protect the traditional area and the country.

The National House of Chiefs whose President is the Agbogomefia of the Asogli State has also condemned the development.

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Others such as the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and some well-meaning Ghanaians have called on the Western Togolanders to back down.

Meanwhile, some critics such as IMANI’s Kofi Bentil and Security Expert, Prof. Kwesi Aning, have called for dialogue.


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  1. John Abumah(Binduri) says

    There must be a point of interest for these people from the western Togoland so the Government must find out such interest and try to satisfy them when possible rather than using raw force.

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