Diana Asamoah Flaunts New Israeli Lover On Social Media

Source The Ghana Report

Gospel musician Diana Asamoah is back on social media again with another interesting issue which has left the public questioning her actions.

Diana is currently trending on social media, claiming that she has found a new Israeli man to whom she will be getting married very soon.

According to Diana, before leaving Ghana for Israel recently, she prayed to God to grant her a man who is marriage material.

“Ghanaians, this is what God has done. God’s miracles follow me. When I got to Israel, this was the first thing I prayed about: I wanted an Israeli man. God has done well, this is him,” she said.

“The husband I have got for myself. We are bringing Israel to Ghana. This, don’t doubt it. Thank you all. My husband’s name is…[Pause]…What is your name?” she asked the man.

The Israeli man, who appeared not to understand the Twi language Diana was speaking, kept mute, not knowing what to say.

Many of her followers had wondered if she was only playing or if she was indeed serious about making him a love interest.

@evangelistdiana Israel# Jerusalem# Fun#mountcamel ♬ original sound – Evangelist Diana Asamoah

Her actions have gotten Ghanaians talking, with some suggesting that she is gradually losing the trust of her fans due to her questionable social media activities.

It would be recalled that on 26th May 2022, Diana Asamoah posted a “Save the Date” message on her Facebook page, which attracted congratulatory messages, but she later revealed that it was about a new song.

There have been instances where Diana was invited to an engagement or wedding event, and she claimed to be the bride for the marriage ceremony.

Besides marriage-related controversies, Diana was trending on social media the whole of last week due to her contract termination with Frimprince Music Production.

The record label had worked with Diana for about 20 years.




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