Do not glorify unexplained wealth – Togbe Afede

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Questioning unexplained wealth is pivotal in fighting corruption, the Agbogbomefia of Asogli, Togbe Afede XIV, has said.

According to the Agbogbomefia, people must respect those who work hard in dignity and not just because of a particular lifestyle.

Stressing the need to get rid of the social canker, Togbe Afede noted that corruption is now the most significant impediment to the country’s development and that citizens must never tolerate it for any reason but rather condemn it categorically.

“Corruption is the main cause of underdevelopment in the country, and this demands the attention of us all. We have to call the youth to be part of the fight against corruption as the country belongs to them. It is sad to see how university students fight among themselves when there’s a bigger battle to fight. Fight the things that endanger your future,” he said while addressing the crowd at the anti-corruption forum as part of activities marking this year’s Te Za (Yam Festival) in Ho-Bankoe.

He acknowledged the economic hardship and the suffering of the masses because the government had failed to create the conditions for people to participate equally in the development process.

This, he said, had, in turn, led to the failure of the nation to fulfil the dreams of the founding fathers of the country and the predictions of the 1992 Constitution for all Ghanaians to enjoy the national cake without bias.

Te Za

Te Za, popularly known as the Asogli Yam Festival, is essentially a harvest festival celebrated by the Asogli State (Ho) and its surrounding areas, such as Sokode, Abutia Klefe, and Akrofu.

The festival is celebrated in September every year to thank God and also the gods and ancestors for a bumper harvest and as an occasion to offer prayers for good health and prosperity.

This year, the festival is being held on the theme: “Let’s eschew greed, unite for peace, development, and prosperity”, and the forum was held to focus on that.


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