Do You Know The Oceans Like Our Homes Can Be The Cleanest Place For Inhabitants?

Source The Ghana Report

If the fish and other creatures in the oceans can speak for human understanding what do you think they will tell the world as we commemorate World Oceans Day today?

The response from these inhabitants in the oceans will probably be negative as the oceans are choked with poisonous chemicals and oil fishermen often use for fishing and plastic waste.

World Oceans Day is marked annually on June, 8 to create awareness of why individuals must see it as their responsibility to protect the oceans and other water bodies serving as an abode for fish, sea turtles, crabs, walrus, lobsters, and other creatures.

The Sustainable Development Goal fourteen(14) is about “Life below water” which highlights the conservation and sustainability of the use of the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development.

The effort we make as humans in keeping our homes clean and safe for our families can be channeled into how we keep our oceans clean as well.

We have to know that the creatures in the oceans serve as food for us and therefore if we fail to keep their environment clean it means we are indirectly imposing diseases on ourselves.

Well, it’s not too late to change our minds about how unfairly we treat the oceans.

Like Oceanographer Sylvia Earle will say, “It is the worst of times but it is the best of times because we still have a chance”, to correct our wrongdoings to show the oceans and their inhabitants some love.

To our hardworking fishermen, indeed your work of waking up early in the morning simply to bring food serving as protein for mankind is appreciated but please we need one more help from you.

The idea of keeping our oceans clean starts with you our fishermen and then, we follow.

To revelers who prefer to enjoy themselves at beaches on holidays and other social events, let’s all ensure that dumping waste or used items in the seas is not the best.

We can all fight this good fight of maintaining our oceans clean together and that in a cycle will serve us all good.

Let us always remember that the inhabitants in the water bodies are living things just like humans who need fresh air to breathe and live healthily.


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