Do you sleep with a fan on? There may be consequences

A fan in the bedroom is a necessity for many people on hot summer days. Be careful, though, because it can do more harm than good. Are you willing to risk your health for a cool down?

The unpleasant consequences may surprise you. Colds, dry eyes, skin and throat, worsening allergy symptoms, and even muscle or joint problems are just a few of them. Cold air negatively affects your immunity, and the fan dries the air, which is not good for our health.

Allergy sufferers may also have a problem. When air circulates, pollen and dust rise and circulate around the room. The effect? ​​Intensification of allergy symptoms such as runny nose and cough.

What’s more, after a night like that with a fan, you may wake up feeling sore because of the cold your joints were exposed to for many hours.

A few changes will make your sleep more comfortable. Air out your bedroom, but only after sunset. Avoid opening windows during the day, as this will let in hot air. You can hang a wet towel or sheet on the door frame – this will help cool the room quickly.

If you must use a fan, set it to low speed and point it at a wall. Also, remember to wear appropriate clothing for sleeping — it should be loose and made of a breathable and thin, natural material such as linen or cotton. Many people also praise sleeping naked in the heat.

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