Don’t be deceived, I’m a prayer warrior – Wendy Shay

Source The Ghana Report/ Aba Asamoah

Afrobeats and Afropop singer, Wendy Shay, born Wendy Addo, says she has turned herself into a prayer warrior at night.

According to her, unlike how people see her due to her kind of work, she is very spiritual and does not play with her spiritual life.

In an interview monitored by The Ghana Report, Wendy Shay said, “I’m a very prayerful and spiritual person, and that makes it very easy for me in the industry, I have spiritual fathers and I am a prayer warrior as well,” she said.

She said, often time, people who society despise and do not expect to be used by God are actually those touched and used by him.

Describing her relationship with God, the “Steve Wonder” singer said, “I love God so much and people don’t know that, God is my everything and I know Him so much. He makes me feel his presence.”

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