Drone photos: When lockdown bites during Easter

For the first time in Ghana, millions of Ghanaians in Accra and Tema avoided the beaches as the police increased its roadblocks and tightened security along roads leading to beaches in Accra and Tema.

From the Titanic Beach in Sakumono; the Ramada Beach in Nungua through to the La Pleasure and Laboma beaches in La the security services kept eagle eyes on the road.

Many were turned back on the Beach Road, creating gridlock on the road leading to Accra and Tema.

On the Accra-Tema beach road alone, there were more than 10 roadblocks.

At the Junction Mall in Nungua, uncompromising security personnel would not allow even those with identification cards to pass.

But this did not prevent some recalcitrant residents of Nungua from jumping into the ocean for fun in defiance of the government lockdown restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Theghanareport.com captured some fascinating reports from the Easter season; from empty malls to empty hotels in a season that celebrates the death of Christ, but ends in fun for even the unreligious.

The images captured by freelance journalist, Edem Srem, offer deep perspective into how the security services are compelling people to stay home to prevent coronavirus spread.

Drone shots showing some residents of Nungua swimming in the ocean
Drone shots showing some residents of Nungua swimming in the ocean
There was no soul at the La Pleasure Beach on Easter Monday
So was the Titanic Beach also quiet
La Pleasure Beach closed down
Lam Palm Royal Beach Hotel is left empty

It’s a long stretch of emptiness on the Accra-Nungua road
There was a long queue around the Nungua barrier
This lone soldier was at Post near the Laboma Beach
You can easily count the number of people who visited the Junction Mall



An aerial view of the Africa Lake


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