DVLA increases fees and charges for all services

Source The Ghana Report

The Driver and Licensing Authority(DVLA) has announced an upward adjustment in the fees and charges for its services.

A circular issued by the Authority said parliament has approved the increase in their service charges for all activities in accordance with the Fees and Charges(Miscellaneous Provisions) ACT, 2022(ACT 1080)

The new charges on all services will be effective Monday, October 3, 2022.

“We write to inform you that parliament has given approval for increase in DVLA fees and charges for all activities across board.”

DVLA added that the new price list will be updated on all its payment platforms and on various notice boards for clients’ attention.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Committed Drivers Association (GCDA) has described the increment as “suffocating” and “unacceptable”.

The drivers have cited the current economic hardship in the country as the basis for their disagreement with the new charges.

They cited DVLA’s recent increase in the cost of eye testing for drivers from GHS 5 to “a whooping GHS 70” barely a month ago.

GCDA also alleged that some drivers have not had their driving licenses printed for more than a year.

“Some even paid for premium service but have to still pay extra to get their license card on time. We cannot continue like this as a nation, DVLA must come again, ” they said in a press release.

They called on all drivers and the public to support them in their effort to stop the DVLA from increasing charges any further.

Although the Association commended the Authority for the visits to churches, marketplaces, and lorry stations to render services, they urged them to rather concentrate on delivering world-class services to their clients.




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