Dwamena Akenten school authorities deny exeat refusal led to student’s death

The management of Dwamena Akenten Senior High School in the Ashanti Region have denied claims that they refused to grant a sick student exeat, which led to his death.

Students accused the Senior House Master, Andrew Agyemang, of allegedly refusing to grant the ill second-year student permission to go home to seek medical attention.

According to them, the deceased complained of ill health on Sunday, February 9, 2020, but the senior housemaster refused his request to go home for treatment.

But Mr Agyeman insisted the claims were false.

“The allegation that we denied him exeat is neither here nor there.  We’re parents; we’ll not allow the students to die whiles we are not doctors.

“We’ve even been advising them that anytime you feel uncomfortable, come and report so that we give you exeat and you go… So what they’re saying is never true,” the Senior House Master said.

The deceased, a General Arts student whose name is yet to be made public, was found on his dormitory floor after school hours, one of his colleagues told Starr FM in an interview.

He was reportedly rushed to the St. Patrick’s hospital by some of the teachers, where he was pronounced dead on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The station’s Ashanti Regional correspondent, Isaac Bediako, reported that the student vomited blood and eased on himself before his demise.


Students reaction

Angered by the incident, some students have accused the school authorities of feet dragging in dealing with emergency cases.

According to them, the school authorities always failed to transport sick students to the hospital, leaving colleague students to rush to town for taxis to convey the sick to the hospital for medical attention.

They have threatened to demonstrate against school authorities over their reluctance in attending to their urgent needs.

  1. Anonymous says

    Very sad may his soul rest in peace

  2. Anonymous says

    The students are telling the truth and it’s very serious… I also completed this school

  3. Anonymous says

    If the school authorities especially the senior persistantly deny students exceats on crucial
    matters as the case in question then prompt
    and urgent attention must be taken. Victims
    must be compensated.And those in authority
    should be punished for feet dragging and
    unconcerned atittudes that have caused pain(s)
    and loss of live(s). R.I.P poor student.

  4. Joseph says

    What the students are saying true because I have experienced some before I’m also a 2019 candidàte what the þeachers are is vey sad you have to adviçe them

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