easy ways to detox your body within hours

Never in history has there been a time in which people consume more toxic substances that the present day.

This implies that the need to detox has become more dire.

Detoxing is the process of abstaining from or getting rid of the body from toxic or unhealthy substances.

When it comes to most people’s perception of detoxing, it involves big jugs and bottles of green concoctions and herbs.

However, according to fitness and health website “The Thirty”, detoxing does not have to involve extreme methods as it can involve eating certain foods over others, getting some sleep and a glass of lemon juice.

Here are a few detoxing tips that can quickly be done within a day or two:


Sleep rejuvenates the body and gets it back on the right track.

A big glass of warm water laced with lemons

Hydration is one of the most important and easiest remedies while detoxing. Squeeze fresh lemons into a big glass of warm or room-temperature water and have it in the morning.

Avoid cold beverages as they might mess up the digestion process.

Consume the right nutrients after intoxication

After intoxication, it is important to replenish the body with the nutrients lost. Common intoxication includes drinking and affects the liver the most. Nutritionists and doctors advise taking Vitamin B-rich nutrients.

Avoid processed sugar

Processed foods are to be left out of the equation during detoxing. Remember that part of detoxing is knowing what to eat and what not to.

Lots of green leafy vegetables

When you cut out processed foods, fill your plate with these.

They are a form of detoxification.

Mash yourself up with some herbal tea

Some of the recommended herbal teas include dandelion, ginger and red clover.

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