EC, how many prisoners voted in 2020?

The EC has announced its completion of the limited voter registration and informed the nation accordingly.

I wish to know from the EC whether prisoners were also factored into the recent registration and voting process.

This is so because prisoners have voting rights, as determined by the Supreme Court in Ahumah Ocansey vs The Electoral Commission (2010) SC.

By way of compliance with the Orders of the Supreme Court, how many prisoners voted in 2020?

My understanding of prisoner voting is that once a person is imprisoned, the prison becomes his home for residence, and nothing more is required of them.

It is simply a matter of registering them, and allowing those who wish to vote to do so.

No conditions whatsoever must be demanded of them.

The EC should please tell the nation how it complied with the Supreme Court orders and how it is preparing prisoners for elections in 2024.

Ahumah Ocansey.


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