EC suspends voter registration exercise at Akayakrom over insecurity

The Electoral Commission has suspended voter registration exercise at Akayakrom in the Banda constituency over insecurity concerns

Voter registration exercise in the constituency has been clouded with violence resulting in the death of one and several others injured.

“A group of people travelling from Bokasi were prevented from entering Akayakrom” Larry Moses, TV3’s Bono regional correspondent reported

According to him, they were travelling to attend a meeting with the EC over eligibility claims.

“The people were challenged over their eligibility, so they were attending a meeting with the Electoral Commission”

The group was prevented from entering Akayakrom and that resulted into chaos.

“It was a clash between the NPP and NDC activists, but the military calmed the situation down.

“Several people got injured and have been rushed to the hospital…. the EC says it does not feel safe so has suspended the exercise” he reported

He said the incident happened at a time a delegation from the Volta caucus in Parliament visited the constituency.

Earlier in July a 28-year-old, graduate from the Akim Oda Teacher Training College was stabbed to death.

He was alleged to be part of persons suspected to be NDC activists.



  1. Anthony+Yeboah says

    At this time of election…. Ghana needs a tight security schedule in the Regions.

  2. Paul says

    It is the time we need to tell some people the truth.let me tell Volta caucus that not all ewes are Ghanaians and also not all Alana are ghanaians.so they should be very careful the way they handle things.abaut 35percent of Ivorians are Alana and also Benin Republic.Togo all of them are ewes.and even if you are Ghanaian not every place you can register.

    1. Anonymous says

      What is the use of the challenge form. People are being maimed and assaulted because of this. The law should have further caution that any individual who is found impersonating will be jailed. So all those challenged will be arranged to court and prosecuted if found guilty. That should have been the way to go.

    2. Anonymous says

      That statement u made is an idiocy. So u think people travelled all the way from Ivory Coast, Benin and Togo just to register. For what purpose?

  3. Anonymous says

    This story de333 it is something else ooo. Most parts of it are lies

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