Endorsing Candidates And Political Parties Is unconstitutional – Supreme Court To Chiefs

Source The Ghana Report

The Supreme Court says it is unconstitutional for chiefs to endorse political candidates or their parties.

The seven-member panel clarified that chiefs praising or lauding a candidate’s policies is permissible.

However, any endorsement of the person or urging voters to support a specific candidate crosses the line into partisan political activity.

The case was brought to the court by legal practitioner Elorm Kwame Gorni, who argued that chiefs endorsing candidates during the 2020 general elections violated the constitution’s provision prohibiting chiefs from engaging in active party politics.

The court, led by Justice Emmanuel Yonny Kulendi, examined the meaning of “active party politics” and concluded that certain statements by chiefs endorsing candidates constituted a breach of the constitutional provision.

Justice Kulendi emphasized that chiefs play a significant role in their communities and the country’s governance and development. While chiefs have the right to express their opinions on public matters, endorsing specific candidates or parties goes against the constitutional intent to preserve the dignity and non-partisan nature of the chief’s office.

The court acknowledged that chiefs could praise policies, programs, or projects of candidates or parties, as this falls within their advocacy for the welfare and interests of their communities.

However, direct endorsements or urging voters to support a particular candidate were deemed unconstitutional.

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