Enough of ‘free free promises’ – Presidential aspirant

An independent presidential aspirant Carl Ebo Morgan, says Ghana’s biggest problem has to do with successive governments continuous promise of ‘free goodies’.

He believes it is the opportune time for political parties to desist from the habit of offering a future they have no control of.

“I want to be frank and say what exactly is our problem in this country. Its because we have free free things. As we speak Mahama says he is going to give free medical care.

“A time will come when Akufo-Addo or another NPP aspirant will tell us he will give us free wives, free husbands and so on,” he said at the independent presidential debate on Thursday.

He argues that “the time has come for leaders to be realistic and come out with workable policies.”

The independent candidate, who is also a consultant, was responding to a question on the implementation of the free Senior High School program introduced by the Akufo-Addo government.

Although he agrees with the free SHS program, he says the entire programme has been poorly implemented.

“Free SHS is good but the implementation was bad. It was more of political than social. These children have been so pampered that they think they are special.

“When it came to reality, look at what happened in the schools, chaos everywhere…insulting the president and all that, he stated.

He intends to restructure the entire free SHS program if given the nod in the December 7 elections.

In September 2017, the Free Senior High School program took off, with a record enrollment of over 11% increase from the previous years.

In 2017/18 academic year, the education ministry indicated that another record was set with the highest enrollment of over 470,000 students.

The independent presidential debate was organised by JoyNews in collaboration with IMANI Centre for Policy and Education.

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