Fake prophecies have destroyed lives, police action apt – CFELAG

The Center for Excellence Leadership and Accountable Governance (CFELAG) has reiterated the call on churches and church leaders to desist from making prophecies that can cause fear and panic in society.

It also asked them to stick to the two-hour church service directive and observe all COVID-19 safety protocols to curb the spread of the virus.

Dr Z.O Hunter, Chairman of the Global Apostolic Conference and College of Apostles, who said this at a media engagement, said the police was not against the church, neither did they have the “capacity to stop God’s work”, and encouraged the church to cooperate with the police.

He said the police were only carrying out their duty of enforcing the law to ensure safety and orderliness and needed the support of all.

Dr Hunter noted that some prophetic utterances had torn families apart, caused divorces, murder and many other vices and described the caution from the police as appropriate.

“Over the years, many pastors or prophets have caused many homes and families to break apart through their fake prophecies. The constitution and the laws of this great nation has given everyone rights, freedom and responsibilities, but most often these rights are exercised without accounting for the outcomes.”

“It is good to note that where your freedom ends is where someone’s right begins. False prophecies have caused most to take the laws into their own hands to take the lives of others. It has resulted in abusing aged people by sending them to places not good or ideal for human habitat,” he said.

Dr Hunter said such unfortunate outcomes had caused Ministers of the Gospel, especially prophets to gradually lose respect in Ghana.

Dr Hunter urged Men of God to continue to speak the mind of God without fear or favour but be circumspect.
“…Some prophets are doing a good work but we want them to be circumspect.”

The Chairman urged the Christian Council to enforce the directive and ensure calm prevailed in the space.

He also charged the Council and the heads of other Christian groupings to ensure that their services and meetings did not go beyond two hours as directed by the Government.

He said it was important that churches adhered to all COVID-19 safety protocols, including directives on public gatherings to contain the spread of COVID-19.

“The Church, which preaches obedience must lead by example. The Church is a very important institution in governance. We must provide good leadership spiritually, in governance and nation-building,” he said.

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