Father’s Day 2024: From hiking to having a movie marathon, unique ideas to celebrate the special day

Father’s Day 2024: From watching movies together to gifting him a puppy, here is a list of ideas to celebrate Father’s Day in a unique way.

Father’s Day 2024: Fathers are superheroes in disguise.

They can go to the end of the world to make our dreams come true. They love us, nurture us, protect us, and more than anything, are the wind beneath our wings. They constantly push us to become better versions of ourselves. They silently struggle to provide us with the life that we dream of.

They are our loudest cheerleaders and the cushion we can fall back on when things go rough. Fathers are meant to be celebrated every day of their lives.

Father’s Day is dedicated to pampering our dads and letting them know how much they mean to us. As we gear up to celebrate the special day on June 16, here is a list of ideas to celebrate the day and let our dads know how beautiful they make our lives by being in it.

Unique ideas to celebrate Father’s Day:

Hiking: Imagine packing your rucksack with your dad and travelling to the hilly roads that he wanted to walk through.

Imagine walking through those snaky roads, passing the hairpins, laughing over inside jokes and enjoying the beautiful view of the sun rising from behind the hills. This Father’s Day, make your dad’s dream come true.

Movie marathon: In case your dad is still hung up on the movie star that he admired in his childhood – think no further.

Get a collection of DVDs of his favourite movies and watch them together with his family. Watch him repeat the dialogues and laugh over the jokes, as he has his best day.

Gift him a puppy: There’s a saying that no one loves a dog as much as a dad who never wanted it in the first place.

Well, if you want to see your dad become a child again, gift them a puppy and watch them take care of it.

Running a marathon: Is your dad a health-conscious person? If not, it is time to make them watch their health.

Dads work throughout their lives to make our lives better and in the process forget to take care of themselves. This Father’s Day, run a marathon with your dad and watch him start taking care of their health.

Make a dance video together: Get all the family members together, and practice the dance steps of your dad’s favourite song.

Get him also on board and make a dance video together. Have fun over the dance step mistakes, goof ups and giggles.

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