Father’s Day : We’re tired of singlet, cufflinks, tie gifts – Van Vicker

Award-winning actor, Van Vicker, has expressed concern about the thought that goes into the celebration of Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is celebrated every third Sunday in June to recognize the contribution of fathers and their importance in the lives of children.

The day is especially dedicated to honour and celebrate the role fathers play in society at large.

In Ghana, unlike Mother’s Day, the day is often characterized by criticism of irresponsible fathers.

The few fathers that are celebrated are often given basic gifts.

Expressing concerns, the actor said, “we do not want mugs, hankies, cufflinks, shirts, ties… for Father’s Day. We are tired ooo, please change the narrative this year. Study daddy (father) and you will decipher what he truly needs”.

According to him, fathers should be appreciated with meaningful gifts like “watches, shoes, customized grooming sets, masculine travel bags, exquisite pens, new glasses frames, and sunglasses”.

He added that people should ‘stop the superficiality and conventional gifts for fathers.

“Our loved ones need to give Father’s gift more thought and stop the superficiality and conventional. Ya br3, Let the real father’s standup “he concluded.


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