FDA shuts down Marwako over food poisoning

Source The Ghana Report

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has shut down Marwako Restaurant over food poisoning reports by some customers who patronised their services over the weekend.

The authority announced the closure on its Twitter page and assured that the culprits would be brought to book after investigations.

A video circulating on social media captured FDA officials collecting some samples from the East Legon branch for further investigations.

The popular food chain has come under scrutiny following accusations by several Twitter users narrating their ordeal after consuming food from the eatery.

The Twitter tirade started after Edward Elohim posted that the fast-food service had given him and several others food poisoning. His statement, posted on May 11, has been rehashed by several others who also accused the fast-food service and threatened legal action.

Many have since been hospitalised, with the victims citing the restaurant’s East Legon branch as the possible source of their discomfort.

Marwako’s response

Management of Marwako Fast-Food Limited has accepted responsibility for the alleged food poisoning.

Public Relations Officer Mohammed Amin Lamptey said the team has since instituted an expedited action and will soon uncover the cause of the poisoning.

“It can be caused by the kitchen staff and sometimes even the customer. When the customer is negligent and adds certain things to the food, that can also cause poisoning so for now we’re investigating. In the morning till 3:30 pm, there were no complaints, but those who bought the food from 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm thereabout are those who were complaining.

“So, we’re looking at Saturday and Sunday, but Sunday is where we have the most complaints. Interestingly, on the same Sunday morning till 3: 30 pm, nobody complained. But I can assure you that we’re looking at all the instances and will soon come out with a press release and further get professional advice based on the medical reports submitted by the victims to Marwako,” Mr Lamptey said on Joy News in an interview monitored by theghanareport.com.

This is not the first time Marwako has come into the limelight for negative reports.

Sometime in March 2017, a 25-year-old female employee of the restaurant in Accra was allegedly assaulted by a Lebanese supervisor for fidgeting with a blender at the workplace.

The assailant, Jihad  Chaaban, 26, a brother-in-law of the owner of the Marwako Restaurant, is said to have angrily grabbed the neck of the victim and dipped her face into blended pepper, which he had poured onto a table.

The victim, Evelyn Boakye, whose face was allegedly rubbed in the blended pepper for more than 10 minutes while Chaaban squeezed her neck and yelled abusive words at her.

Three other employees who were present as their colleague was being maltreated were said to have looked on helplessly due to threats from the supervisor to dismiss anyone who came close.

Chaaban was subsequently suspended after news of his abuse went viral.

He was later arrested and dragged to court.

The Abeka District Court found him guilty and sentenced him to nine months imprisonment for assaulting an employee.

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