Watch out for counterfeit chloroquine on the market-FDA warns

The Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has raised red flags about the Ghanaian and other markets being flooded with counterfeit chloroquine, the approved drug for treating COVID-19.

The food and drug regulator’s alert is informed by the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Global Surveillance and Monitoring System, which picked notifications that fake chloroquine products were circulating in Africa.

“These chloroquine products with different presentations are confirmed as falsified on the basis that they deliberately [and] fraudulently misrepresent their composition or source,” the FDA said in a statement signed and issued by its Chief Executive, Delese A.A. Darko, said.

It noted that such products did not contain the correct amount of the active pharmaceutical ingredient, based on the result of preliminary or full laboratory analysis.

Another deficit for such products is that they are either not produced by the manufacturer whose name is stated on the product labels, or the batch number and date do not correspond to genuine manufacturing records.

Additionally, the manufacturer, whose name is stated on the product, does not exist.

The Minister of Health in April approved chloroquine as a drug for the treatment of COVID-19, following the footsteps of the United States.

Although the drug was banned in Ghana in 2010 because of its lack of efficacy for the treatment of malaria, the minister said it was effective against COVID-19.

However, the World Health Organisation warned against its abuse, as it could cause serious side effect, especially at high doses or when combined with other medications.

Read the full statement below:

Download (PDF, 3.86MB)

  1. Stan Lee says

    WHO denied to say chloroquine doesn’t work without testing. Due to this, so many people have died and they have now realized that the drug actually works. Instead of them providing us with enough sources so we can get the drug to almost everyone who wants it, they are here telling us of fake ones with no other info on where we can get genuine ones. FDA too will not do any proper research and just come here and be voicing out what WHO is peddling. The chloroquine works and WHO has its own agenda so please do well to get the drug and use it. Stop listening to these so-called experts who lied about everything from the beginning and caused all these unnecessary deaths.

    1. Anonymous says

      Exactly what I said! This our FDA and WHO na scam! Let’s not listen to them again! See as dem dey promote fear!

  2. Karbia says

    Hmmm I can not phantom

  3. JayCash says

    Our FDA and health body are disgraceful! Is anybody carrying out any research to find possible treatment for COVID 19? Are we carrying human trials on the drugs and prescriptions that most if the COVID 19 survivors have recommended? So far we are just waiting for WHO and bill Gates to Coman and inject us with that deadly vaccine to cure a virus that ordinary salt & warm water, lemon, ginger and honey, vitamin C can treat! Also I forget to mention Chloroquine 🙄🙄 No o! Lock up every1 let hunger weaken our immune system! That is ur plan abi! Evil ppl 🙄

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