Feel free to take a look! Beautiful images encapsulate what freedom means to 50 photographers

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Standing on the cliff top dwarfed by the surrounding mountains, racing through a desert on a motorbike, leaping across rooftops or simply removing a bra could mean freedom for many people across the globe.

Freedom means something different to each of these 50 photographers who have made it to the final of global competition.

The spectacular images were among almost 20,000 entries in the ‘World’s Best photo of #Freedom2020’ contest run by free-to-use photography app Agora.

Voting is open now and the winner will be announced on January 23 and will get a prize of $1,000 (£767).

Agora has a community of more than 3.5million users from 193 countries where people create, vote and curate the best images made worldwide.

CEO and co-founder Octavi Royo said: ‘We’re creating a global democratic system where everyone can create, vote and enjoy the best creations of Humanity.’

Find below the various images in no particular order

A motorcyclist enjoys the isolation of a desert away from any roads or traffic in this photo called ‘Free’

This photo is called ‘Happy High Jump’ and shows a boy joyfully leaping across MyaTheinTan Pagoda, in Saggaing, Myanmar

This humorous snap by a French photographer shows a woman standing at her window after removing her bra and is simply entitled: ‘Liberté’

Children leap in the air as they play with hoops and balls on the crest of a sand dune in this entry called ‘The children play on the sand hill’

Freedom means having a duckling on your head for this photographer who snapped two boys playing in a river

This photo was taken in Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italy. and shows a man on a cliff top dwarfed by the surrounding mountains and is called ‘Free as a Bird’

A joyful child leaps and throws a traditional umbrella in the air in North Bengal, India, in a snap called ‘Free Jump’

This image was captured in Lake Königsee, Bavaria, Germany, and is called ‘Free Like a Boat’

This beautiful image of a kayaker is called ‘Freedom at Sea’ and was taken in Stow, Massachusetts, in the United States

An incredible silhouette of a family on a rocky outcrop was captured by the photographer in this image called ‘Free’
A bird soars over the sea in Sorrento, Italy, in this image called ‘Freedom in the sky’
A woman practices Tai chi in the water near Athens, Greece, in this peaceful black and white image called ‘Freedom Ena’
For this photographer ‘Freedom is a state of mind’ as a man is seen meditating in front of the Taj Mahal in India
A loan man raises his arms aloft in the wilderness of Daguestan, Russia, in this entry titled ‘Freedom Road’
He’s Free! There’s nothing like the freedom of doing somersaults on a trampoline as this young boy knows in Northwest Illinois, in the US
This spectacular image was taken in Western Australia and is called ‘Have you ever seen so many turtles in the wilderness?’
A fire-eater leaps in the air on Labadi beach, Ghana, in this incredible photo called ‘Like a Phoenix’
This extraordinary image shows a figure silhouetted in front of the moon in Utah, in the US. It is called ‘Full Moon Over Goblin Valley’
A woman captured mid-jump as she leaps across a viewing point in the mountains of Montenegro in this image titled ‘Jump’
Freedom is being above the clouds for this photographer who captured a walker peering into a valley in Loser, Austria. The incredible photo is called ‘Head Above The Clouds’

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