First Lady Fashion: From Nana Konadu to Rebecca Akufo-Addo

Source The Ghana Report

Ghana’s presidents may be the land’s most powerful men but their wives are distinguished in their own ways.

The first ladies have gracefully and fashionably advocated for the country through material forms of culture in and out of office.

Besides the many causes they champion, these influential ladies have become fashion icons with their unique styles.

What they wear not only represents their husbands’ political ideologies but is a representation of the country’s beautifully unique culture.

From colourful kente gowns, wax print ‘kaba and slits’, and elaborate head wraps popularly known as duku, the first ladies have brought beauty to the very scrutinised office.

Here, we take a look at the styles of Ghana’s past and present First Ladies:

Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings

The wife of the late Former President Jerry Rawlings makes bold fashion statements with many Ghanaian women trying to emulate her iconic style.

With her impeccable sense of style, she steps up to every occasion with a fashion that does not go unnoticed.

Her beautiful Kente outfits and fabrics with her usual headgear have no doubt become a symbol to many in Africa and beyond.

Establishing herself as a staunch promoter of indigenous wax print, Mrs Rawlings turned heads with her cloth choices during her time in office.

During her acceptance speech after receiving an honorary award at the 2019 Fashion Connect Africa event, she disclosed her decision to keep wearing local fabrics is to, among other objectives, promote the local textile industry.


Theresa Kufour 

Clean lines, conservative, and simple – that is what described Mrs Kufour’s fashion choices as Ghana’s first lady.

As a representative of the Ghanaian culture, home and abroad, the beloved preferred adorning beautiful and colourful kente dresses during official duties.

Unlike her predecessor, she stayed away from the limelight most of her time as first lady.


Ernestina Naadu Mills

With a similar taste in fashion to her predecessor, Mrs Atta Mills’s simplicity was evident during her husband’s time in office.

The former first lady often shied away from the spotlight during her husband’s tenure but she was always seen in conservative, everyday pieces made with Ghanaian fabrics.


Lordina Mahama

The immediate past first lady is adored by many young Ghanaian women for her style.

Mrs Mahama, just like her other colleagues brings local fabrics alive with beautifully Ghanaian-made ensembles.

She has mastered the craft of combining delicate laces with wax prints in her unique style.


Rebecca Akufo-Addo

The current first lady is a fashionista in her own right. She is mostly seen wearing elegantly tailored, made-in-Ghana ensembles during her official duties.

Mrs  Akufo-Addo is championing her husband’s ‘Wear Ghana’ initiative with a Kaba and Slit at all times.

She is also adding her quota to local businesses by putting the spotlight on local designers with beautiful designs on international platforms.

One such platform was the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II where the first lady was adorned in a traditional black mourning dress in the company of the president.


Samira Bawumia 

Although the wife of the Vice President, one cannot talk about fashion in Ghana’s presidency without mentioning the stylish Mrs Bawumia.

It is safe to call the current Second Lady Ghana’s Jackie Kennedy with her elegant and timeless outfits.

Her colourful handmade kente gowns specially made by the best Ghanaian designers have become part of many fashion catalogues on the continent.

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