Fix Korle Bu – Angry Ghanaians bemoan failed heath system

A section of Ghanaians has expressed anger about the failed healthcare system in the country.

This was sparked by the demise of a 13-year-old, Michael Kofi Kekeli Asiamah, who died from complications after undergoing brain surgery at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH).

Korle Bu Teaching Hospital is the foremost referral medical facility in the country, which serves other countries in West Africa but lacks basic equipment, leading to many avoidable deaths.

The 13-year-old suffered complications from the surgery and needed a defibrillator to resuscitate his heart.

His mother, Cordelia Ama Selormey, recounted her ordeal on radio and called for the resourcing of the premier hospital.

“Doctors spent close to 40minutes trying to resuscitate his heart manually because there was no defibrillator to use,” she said.

Reacting to the death of his patient, Dr Hadi Mohammed Abdullah, said he shed tears when he lost Micheal.

“I cried when I lost Micheal, he was full of life, and we did everything we could to save his life,” he said

According to him, the hospital lacks basic equipment, which hinders doctors from giving off their best.

He noted that some equipment donated by the United States and other countries is yet to arrive in Ghana due to the government’s refusal to grant tax exemptions.

These issues have raised concerns about the poor healthcare delivery system at what is supposed to be Ghana’s foremost healthcare facility.

Here are some reactions from Ghanaians on Twitter:

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  1. Benny says

    Ghana abroh people all around. Stealing and putting in onemans pocket is rampant. They take this cheeekmoney and hide it in their mouth like monkeys still their economy is always crumpsy and bad. God save the country.

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