George Flyod death: Diasporans in Ghana to demonstrate

The Diaspora Coalition is planning a peaceful protest march today to the United States Embassy in Accra to deliver both verbal and written condemnation of the rampant police brutality of people of African descent in America, the most recent being the murder of George Flyod .

With a knee on his neck, a white cop suffocated George to death.

The march is scheduled to begin at 11:30 am from the premises of the Diaspora Africa Forum (DAF) at the W. E Dubois Centre in Cantonments and end in front of the United States Embassy, which is merely two blocks away.

Although the organisers are adamant at limiting participation to no more than 25 protesters in respect of social distancing, if the volume of participation in cities across America is anything to go by, a crowd would be inevitable.

Upon arrival, there will be speeches by the leader of the Diaspora Coalition Rabbi Kohan, AU Ambassador to Ghana and Diaspora Affairs Forum Dr. Erieka Bennet, and other Pan-African leaders.

Photos: American police officers on their knees, as Flyod protests flare out of control

“We will have to do this by invitation because the issue is so hot,” Kohan said in an interview with DNT. Another observer indicated that due to the ban on social gathering, it would be difficult to formally organize people to gather in a group hence the effort to limit participation.

George Flyod’s death: Widespread unrest in US, as Americans defy curfew to protest

Asked he thought the long practice of following every instance of police brutality with protests, then silence until another cycle begins constitute doing the same things and expecting different results, Kohan touched on some important pan-African themes while making some profound observations.

“This is all part of changing the narrative. The Year of Return last year was not only an attempt to increase tourism; it was meant for Africa to become a place of value to us. And if Africa becomes a place of value to us, Africans will be more valued.”

George Flyod death: American police officer drops baton, joins demonstrators

Kohan observed that for the first time, leaders on the African continent have issued statements against a domestic instance of police brutality in America. “We’ve had the AU Chair and deputy Chair put out a statement,” Kohan said. “You cannot affect an African anywhere in the world without affecting Africans all over the world.”

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