GFA Elections: George Afriyie pledges to get rid of hooliganism in Ghana football

Source footballghana.com

George Afriyie has reiterated that he will curb violence in the local game if elected as Ghana Football Association president.

Hooliganism in the Premier League, Division One and the Women’s League was a major issue that the Kwesi Nyantakyi’s led administration failed to get rid of it.

This attitude of the fans took away the good image of football in the country.

However, the Okyeman Planners owner believes the introduction of Stewards to various league centres in the country will be the answer to the problem.

“We will use the fans as stewards and train them,” he said.

“There is no risk because the consequence and the punishment is enshrined in the statutes and the regulation”.

“We need to find a way to ensure that football will be played in a violent free atmosphere, where women and children and spectators can watch and enjoy football,” he added.

The Ghana Football Association last Friday announced the order of appearance of presidential candidates on the ballot paper for the upcoming GFA Elections, with Afriyie being second on the ballot paper.

George Afriyie and 5 others are contesting for the position of the GFA presidency which will be decided on October 25, 2019.

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