Ghana Month: African Prints And Their Names (Photos and Video)

Clothing oneself with a colorful African print for all occasions in Ghana and other parts of the world makes one look more honorable and respected.

Ghana is blessed to have its own locally manufactured textile companies like Ghana Textile Printing Company (GTP), Akosombo Industrial Company Limited well known as Akosombo Textiles Limited (ATL), Printex Ghana, and others.

Today, the Ghana Month Diary by The Ghana Report will like to show some of the common African prints worn for occasions and their names.

Images of some common African Prints and their names

  • S3 wo b3 ka me hu as3m a fa akonya tinase (Stool)

  • Akyekydeɛ akyi (Tortoise’s Shell)

  • ‘Gramaphone’ Pl3te

  • Nsubra

  • Highlife

  • Angelina/ Dashiki 


  • Sika Wo Antaban (Money has wings)

  • Sugarcane

  • Cabbage leaf

  • Abankaba (Handcuffs)

  • Nkrumah’s Pencil

  • Michelle Obama’s Bag

  • ABC 

  • Ahwenepa Nkasa

  • Obaapa

  • Aniwa (Eyes)

  • Ohene Adwa (King’s Chair)

  • Owuo Atwedee / Atwedee (Ladder)


Exclusive with a cloth seller at Kaneshie market (video)











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  1. Anonymous says

    Great tradition and culture love the names of our cloth

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