Ghana Month: Hurdles Women Go Through To Prepare Delicious Ga Kenkey (Video)

Source The Ghana Report

‘Kenkey’ is a staple food for the Ga-Adangbe ethnic group in Ghana, and is loved by other tribes including foreigners aboding in the country.

This food is made from corn and can be eaten with ground pepper, okra stew, and any other soups.

The processes involved in preparing Ga Kenkey are often tedious for women who prepare this special food.

Some men also learn the process of making delicious Kenkey from their mothers or wives but it is not common to see men cooking Kenkey in Ghana.

The Ghana Report’s special edition of the Ghana Month Diary brings you the story of Madam Gladys Kpakpo, a typical Ga woman who makes Ga Kenkey and sells it to the people of Darkuman in the Greater Accra Region.

According to her, she has done the Kenkey business for over 20 years as she got the tuition on Kenkey from her biological mother.


The first step to take as one plan to make a delicious Ga Kenkey is to get corn dough, maize water, water, salt, fire, and a cooking pot.

Now, watch the video below to see how you can cook your favourite Ga Kenkey.

First stage

Madam Gladys mixed her corn dough with water before stirring it with the wooden spatula.

Second stage

She said the process is similar to the way ‘Banku’ is done. She added that you have to continue to stir the mixture on the fire for some time.

Third stage

Gladys at this stage has to offload the ‘banku’ into an aluminum basin to add fresh corn dough to the mixture.

Fourth stage

Fifth stage

Sixth stage

The final stages involve molding the material into balls before bringing them to a boil.

When the Kenkey is placed on the fire, it takes about three to four hours to be fully cooked and ready for consumption.




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