Ghana on track to defeat coronavirus – Akufo-Addo thanks God

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has said, the country’s measures to containing and defeating coronavirus is working.

In his latest address to the nation, the president said Ghana was “steadily on the path towards limiting and containing the virus and ultimately defeating it.”

He pointed out that a month after his last address, recoveries and discharges have shot up by more than a 100%, from 12,994 to 28, 927.

Active cases have also dropped from 4,245 to 3,307.

“Mercifully we are not dying of the virus as anticipated,” he expressed gratitude to God, observing countries in Europe and South America have posted far more deadly reports on coronavirus.

He said for countries like Ghana, there appears to be a “much milder manifestation of the virus….than it was initially feared”, a situation which he said has baffled experts and defied predictions.

“I daresay it is the grace of God and government measures with your support,” Akufo-Addo said and acknowledged the dedication of health workers across the country.

Based on the government’s progress report, the president again eased restrictions on religious activities. He permitted churches and mosques to hold services for two hours – up from an hour.

But the limit on attendance – 100 – is still unchanged, he indicated.

Transport services can now take their full numbers while tourist sites have now been re-opened.

Drinking spots can also operate but nightclubs, beaches and cinemas remain closed.

The president said the closure of the borders would remain but said government had granted a “special dispensation” to evacuate Ghanaians stranded abroad.

But on their arrival, mandatory quarantine would kick in, he explained.

While easing some restrictions, the president said what remains unchanged at every social or religious gathering is compliance to handwashing, use of sanitisers and wearing of the face mask.

He urged Ghanaians to adjust to the realities of a change in lifestyle occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is the new second phase we are entering today – responsible behaviour, continuing state support, and living in Grace.”

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