Ghanaian gospel is doing better than before – Ohemaa Mercy

Ohemaa Mercy has refuted claims that the standards in the Ghanaian gospel industry have been lowered.

She insists that the industry is doing far better comparatively.

Many music pundits and critics have for years criticized the attitudes and posture of recent gospel artists, accusing them of veering off from the standards of traditional gospel music.

According to the gospel artiste, she does not condone illicit behavior and the backlash the industry receives but she thinks they are doing far better than they used to be.

“I don’t see that the standards in the gospel industry have lowered as perceived by people. I see much improvement, I see the eagles God is bringing into the industry. The gospel industry today is getting international exposure, the collaboration Ghanaian gospel artists are having with other foreign artists is superb.

“There is no human institution that has not lived without flaws and I acknowledge the hitches in ours, however, I can say the industry is seeing much progress.”

On why the Nigerian gospel industry is doing extremely well compared to Ghana, Ohemaa Mercy said: “The Nigerians have the numbers in terms of population, they have a large market. Besides, they have people who are willing to always help compared to Ghana.”

The ‘Menwu da’ hitmaker recently held the 9th edition of her “Tehilla experience” which was characterized by praises and divine healing.

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