‘Ghanaian judge are timid’ – Former Director of Ghana Law School

A former Director of the Ghana Law School, Kwaku Ansa Asare, has dared the country’s judges, describing them as timid and not independent in the discharge of their duties.

He said even though in principles judges were supposed to be bold, assertive and firm in their line of work as stipulated in the constitution, they were not.

Law students left frustrated as court registry forgets to find judge to hear case

Wading into the ‘fight’ between law students and the General Legal Council on matters oF admission INto the Ghana School of Law, Mr. Asare WAS convinced that the students would lose no matter how they present their views.

“I know under article 127 of the Ghanaian constitution, independence of the judiciary is granted, but I am telling you as a lawyer and as a former Director of the Law School, that when the General Legal Council is taken to court and the Judge that will sit on the case may not be all that independent,” he noted

Law students sue Attorney General, GLC

In an interview on ABCNews monitored by theghanareport.com, Mr. Asare argued that the Chief Justice, who doubles as head of the council had the power to appoint the judges who would sit on the case filed against the General Legal Council.

“If students decide to take the General Legal Council to court 100 times, they will lose 100 times…the judge will do what [they} have been told to do.”

“In political matters, legal education matters, I am saying that they are not bold, they are timorous, they can’t bite, they can only bark.” He insisted

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