Ghanaians glorify Nigerian artistes over compatriots – Kwabena Kwabena

Highlife musician Kwabena Kwabena has criticised Ghanaians for failing to appreciate their own people in the entertainment industry.

According to him, talents from other countries are given preferential treatment than their counterparts in Ghana.

“A lot of Nigerian musicians are relocating to Ghana because our people have decided to give them what they don’t give us… Lycoon, Davido visited Ghana, and we all saw the kind of presidential reception they received at the airport. They were given a motorcade but when Stonebwoy visited Nigeria over the weekend, we all know the reception was different,” he observed.

The musician is convinced that Ghanaians intentionally uphold Nigerian celebrities to spite them.

” It is quite depressing sometimes the way Ghanaians are unappreciative,” he bemoaned.

Explaining why he has been off the music scene for three years, the ‘Obaa’ singer said he needed to stay away from the constant criticism from social media.

“I am a very forgiving person, and all my friends will attest to that fact, so people know that when they wrong me and apologize, I will easily forgive them, so they take advantage of that…but at the right time I will talk,” he responded.

Commenting on this relationship with actress Ahoufe Patri, the ‘Bue Kwan ma me’ denied having a romantic relationship with the ‘Boys Abr3’ star.

“I had known Patricia long before she was called Ahoufe Patri. I knew her during her Miss Malaika days and there is nothing going on between us. We are just friends,” he stressed.

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