GIJ bans all student activities involving noisemaking at its Ringway campus

The University of Media Arts and Communication, formally known as the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), has announced an injunction on all outdoor activities at its Ringway Campus.

Outdoor activities which involve noisemaking can only be held at its North Dzorwulu Campus.

In a notice on gatherings and outdoor activities, the university said: “Students are hereby informed that the Ringway Campus has been injuncted from any gathering or outdoor activities involving noisemaking.”

It indicated that “all student activities involving gatherings, outdoor activities and noisemaking should be held at the North Dzorwulu Campus.”

It added that: “Activities of the Level 300 Political Communication Class (Political Campaign) should all be held at the North Dzorwulu Campus.”

The university, however, did not state its reason for the injunction.

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