Government to soon negotiate parameters for external debt exchange

The government would soon negotiate external debt exchange parameters with its creditors.

It has already invited eligible bondholders to exchange approximately ¢137.3 billion cedis of its domestic notes and bonds, among others for a package of New Bonds.

The Invitation to Exchange is part of a comprehensive programme that aims at bringing public debt back on a sustainable path, which is needed to unlock financial support from the International Monetary Fund.

Four series of New Bonds will therefore be offered in the Exchange in consideration for holdings in the Eligible Bond.

A statement from the Finance Ministry said the invitation is available only to registered holders of Eligible Bonds that are not individual investors or authorized by the government.

Eligible holders tendering their Eligible Bonds pursuant to the invitation will also receive New Bonds on the terms and subject to the conditions described in the Exchange Memorandum.

The statement encouraged Eligible Holders to without delay obtain and review a copy of the Exchange Memorandum, and contact their direct participants to the Central Securities Depository to be informed on how to instruct them.

The deadline for the eligible holders to participate is December 19, 2022. The Settlement Date is however scheduled for December 23, 2022.

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