Greater inconvenience is coming if NIA stops registration – A-G argues amidst coronavirus outbreak

The Attorney-General has insisted, that despite a coronavirus outbreak, the registration exercise for the Ghana card must go on because the identity card will be crucial to vote in December.

This position was contained in its response to a suit demanding the National Identification Authority suspend its controversial registration exercise in the Eastern region.

Two Ghanaians to sue NIA over registration exercise during coronavirus outbreak

Deputy Attorney-General Godfred Dame’s statement of the government’s defence said the NIA had instituted strict hygienic measures meant to ensure that the exercise does not become an infection ground for the deadly covid-19.

He accused the plaintiffs -Emmanuel Akumatey and Kevor Mark-Oliver- of a “deliberate misconstruction” of the president’s directive, banning public gatherings in the wake of the infections.

The deputy A-G said the president’s directives, issued March 15, 2020, excluded certain classes of businesses and other workplaces.

He prayed the court to dismiss the injunction application, describing it as “grossly unmeritorious and unwarranted.”

The Attorney-General also asked the court for an early hearing because the NIA exercise is an urgent national objective.

The court is expected to hear the case in two weeks. But Godfred Dame wants a quick showdown Thursday.

The NIA suspended the exercise last Saturday after learning of the injunction application.

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  1. GERSHON says


    1. Anonymous says

      So so fooling for Ghana.

    2. Anonymous says

      Ooooh Ghanaian leaders
      Because of your selfish power we should kill ourselves? God is our only helper

    3. Anonymous says

      I can see now that power has couse you mad. After all this scarring situation, all you are thinking about is how to win next election ? This old man what again you do want ? Behaves as a human being and stop behaving like a beast

      1. Anonymous says

        Any Ghanaian that will die through covid19’s blood will be upon your head bcos of your negligence , clueless and carelessness that got us here. Sleeping government tweakai

  2. Anonymous says

    Hw3 ne se bi

  3. Anonymous says

    Oh Ama Ghana power is more important than human being .hmmmm God save as

  4. Anonymous says

    What a fuck is wrong Ghanaians, look know one can force you to die and also kill family and friends.
    No one can also force you if you refuse to come out and register with you life.
    This is total bullshit I don’t think we leaders anymore in this good country of our so we the people must get up and stop sleeping.
    Just look at what is going on around the world and we are here joking with it

    1. Anonymous says

      Should NIA be allowed to continue its mass registration in the midst of this grave pandemic of covid-19 it would be another case of misplaced priorities in Ghana!!!!!

      1. Kofi says

        EIII, this AG might have just woken from his slumber. He should find out the number of infections recorded after the recent French elections. Greedy bastards!

  5. Anonymous says

    Hmmmm a mockery of a nation. What?

  6. Anonymous says

    Should NIA be allowed to continue its mass registration in the midst of this grave pandemic of covid-19 it would be another case of misplaced priorities in Ghana!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    People are only this stupid when it comes to money or love. My guess is it’s not love. Everybody stay home let them register themselves.

  8. Askia says

    Where at all are we taking this world to? This nonsense must stop immediately. The world is in crisis and who knows how long this take us. Let’s invest our energies into curtailing this covid 19 pandemic before our parochial gains. We have only one Ghana and a duty to protect our motherland. God bless our homeland Ghana…

    1. Anonymous says

      Foolishness at it’s best state, rubbish. Should I even vote again in Ghana???

  9. Anonymous says

    I am now getting what the general secretary of the opposition party was trying to put across.. Concert leaders!! Concert parties we have in Ghana..

  10. IOsamanba KWAME says

    Infact The deputy atouney general is being disloyal to our brothers/sisters in the eastern region. Why should the government pretend to love Ghanaians? In the first place he shouldn’t have gone to court to defend with those flimpsy defences at all because this disease is no respector to human beings. Why? Infact some of our political leaders are really sick of reasoning .why should the president sit down for such things to happen to his kindred? This singular effort could jeopardize their chances elsewhere. We are witnesses to such behaviours. In the western region, not all cards we delivered to the registrant/applicants and the NIA authorities only extended it for only three days which was unprecedentedly inadequate considering the people left behind and this has thought us a lesson come 2020 general elections. In the ashanti region we saw and learnt what went on over there with ISD causing public announcement urging people to go and register which was not case in the western region. With God everything is possible. No shaking Ghanaians. Is it a shear wickedness or what? they should understand that Positions are not property and even if it were, you will one day die and subsequently leave it behind. Thank you and God bless you

  11. Anonymous says

    Eeeeei!This man’s certificates should be withdrawn.He doesn’t have common sense. Thunder fire him

  12. Collins says

    The opposition NDC is right to say so.Aba Ama Ghana

    1. Anonymous says

      Oh my mother land Ghana.God save us

  13. Francis says

    It’s not the politician’s fault but ours, because if we boycott it for our health sake, they’ve none to register!

  14. Ahmed says

    What the hell is so important about NIA’s registration over putting the lives of Ghanaians in jeopardy.

  15. Anonymous says

    This is madness at its highest

  16. Anonymous says

    This is sad. Are registration and elections more important than our survival?

  17. Anonymous says

    This is just showing how ignorant our leaders are. I pray and hope they and their families should suffer the consequences of this stupidity they are exhibiting. Will the have ghosts voting for them if the worst happens to the citizens?They better put on their thinking caps.

  18. Anonymous says

    What is your problem? The Ghana card registration is not compulsory and so is the voter registration and even voting. If you think you are not safe don’t go and register. People are working despite the COVID-19. Do you want the country to stand still because of the disease? I wonder what informs our reasoning in this country. Every Tom,Dick and Harry just talk because talk is free and cheap. You are no expert, you have no information, you have no capacity to analyze any data and all you do is talk and insult people who does. The leaders of this country are at any time seize with the necessary information to make “informed” decisions for us. If you think you have better information than they do let us know. Insults does not build nations. Thank you

    1. Ekow says

      Foolishness at the highest order. Ah how can you open you dirty mouth and say stupid things like this. How long did it take a country like Italy to get to its present position. It take just one week of doubling to get to where they now. Can you stupid politicians handle that. Kwasiea Jimifo3

  19. Anonymous says

    But who is this ignoramus person saying “every Tom Dick and Harry just talk because talk is free and cheap ” You will know exactly what people are talking about when it hits your at your door. I pray it doesn’t. Please come again.

  20. Kwasi says

    If one person dies of Corona virus it is still not acceptable. Election is not life but constitution. Life lost cannot be replaced by any party. Stop this argument in court. It portrayed insensitivity

  21. Dzifa says

    NPP and stupidity paaaa oooh. You see how you’ve exposed yourselves. You can never hide behavior. Your stupidity will always expose you. Whats the sense in this?

  22. Anonymous says

    Instead of putting our heads together to find a solution to this deadly pandemic, you are defending registration.

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