Gt. Accra NPP Secretary bets house on winning 3 NDC seats

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Greater Accra Regional Secretary is betting his house on three constituencies that he says the ruling party will snatch from the opposition National Democratic Congress in the December polls.

Nii Odarlai Parker says he is willing to lose his abode if the NPP fails to win the Kpone Katamanso, Amasaman and Odododiodo constituencies which are predominantly NDC strongholds.

“I have never done this before but I’m daring my counterpart in the NDC to bet with me on these three constituencies, we will win it,” he says taunting his counterpart in the NDC, Theophilus Tetteh Chai.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii S3n, he says his position is informed by the work constituency executives in the three constituencies have done during the compilation of the new register from June 30 to August 9.

He also hints that Korle Klottey, which is currently an NDC seat, occupied by Dr Zanetor Rawlings, is also likely to fall to the NPP as an independent candidate from the NDC camp could cause damage to the incumbent’s chances of retaining the seat.

The NPP currently has 21 out of 34 seats in the Greater Accra Region, but Mr Parker said the party will add the three seats and leave the NDC with just 10.

“But if they dare us, we will take a lot more from them,” he said.

“Everywhere in the Greater Accra Region, our campaign team was moving from home to home, mobilising people to register. We know the work and our input,” he added.

But the NDC Greater Accra Regional Secretary, Theophilus Tetteh Chai, scoffed at the idea that the NPP will grab the three seats.

He says his peer in the NPP has reduced the 2020 elections to a battle in three constituencies, while the NDC is focused on a bigger picture.

According to him, the opposition party is currently analyzing numbers from each registration to determine its strategy.

“We have gone through elections and won constituencies that people wrote the party off. As a region, we are using strategies that will ensure John Dramani Mahama and Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang’s messages resonate with voters.

“Our strategy is to win the war not battles,” he added.

Amasaman data analysis shows that Amasaman Constituency was first won by the NPP in 2004 (both Presidential and Parliamentary) when it used to be known as Trobu-Amasaman.

But the NDC snatched it in 2008 and maintained the seat in 2012 when it was split into Trobu and Amasaman constituencies.

Mr. Parker’s hope of snatching the seat is because of a tight race in 2016 which the NDC won with just 268 votes.

While the NDC had 27,933 votes, the NPP garnered 27,665 in the Parliamentary race.

Kpone Katamanso

Although the NDC has consistently won this seat since 1992, it votes has been shrinking while the NPP had been making major inroads.

2008 20,709(62.96%) 10,680 (32.47%)
2012 33,598(57.25%) 23,984 (40.87%)
2016 30,541(51.37%) 27,001 (45.42%)



Apart from 2000 when the NPP’s Reginald Niibi Ayibonte won the seat in the heart of Accra, the Odododiodioo seat has been an NDC stronghold.

2008 34, 182 (55.67%) 25,495 (41.52)
2012 45,957 (62.98%) 26,969 (36.0)
2016 36,606 (57.04%) 26,671 (41.56%)





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    He thinks that suppression of votes will work. Tweaaaaa Kai.

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