Hailey Baldwin gets matching peach tattoo with husband Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s got his peaches right by his side.

The pop star, 27, commemorated his latest single, “Peaches,” with a neck tattoo of the fruit — and his wife Hailey Baldwin followed suit with matching ink.

On Monday, the model, 24, showed off her own peach tattoo on her arm, also done by celebrity favorite Dr. Woo.

Baldwin has been super supportive of her husband’s new album, “Justice,” and even started a viral “Peaches” makeup challenge on TikTok, asking fans to create a sunny beauty look to go with the bop.

Though both Biebers are covered in tattoos — and have tons of ink dedicated to each other, including a “J” on Hailey’s ring finger and coordinating “grace” and “style” tattoos — this is the first true matching design the couple has done together.

While Biebs is running out of room to add new designs, he has said that he is saving one spot, his back, for portraits of his future children.

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