Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko losing appeal for young players -football administrator

Former Karela United communications director Eric Alagidede has expressed his belief that Ghana’s two biggest clubs, Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko, have lost their allure for young players.

The clubs have had a disappointing season, being out of contention for the league title and also being eliminated from the FA Cup, which offers a path to the CAF Confederation Cup.

Alagidede, who is the Chief Executive of Koforidua Suhyen Sporting Club, shared his views during an interview with Radio Gold Talk Sports, highlighting the aspirations of Ghanaian players.

He stated, “If you speak to 50 Ghanaian players and ask them why they play football, 50 of them will tell you they want to travel abroad and play for any of the clubs in Europe.” He continued, “Every Ghanaian player’s dream is to play abroad.”

Alagidede emphasised that players at various levels, from the U-12 leagues to the premier league, have their sights set on playing abroad.

He suggested that the allure of Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko, as traditional powerhouses, has diminished in terms of being seen as the pathway to achieving their dreams. He stated, “Hearts and Kotoko are not the conduits to travel abroad now if you look at their dynamics and their system.”

While these comments may not be well-received by supporters of the two clubs, Alagidede believes it is essential to acknowledge the changing landscape and aspirations of young players in Ghana. The desire to secure a move abroad and play for European clubs has become a prevalent ambition among Ghanaian players.

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