Hearts of Oak captain Kofi Agbesimah seeking contract termination – Reports

Source The Ghana Report

Hearts of Oak’s captain and defender, Kofi Agbesimah, has shocked the club by reportedly requesting to terminate his contract, despite still having a year remaining on his initial two-year deal.

The 27-year-old, who joined from Bechem United last summer, has cited undisclosed issues within the club as the reason for his dissatisfaction.

Agbesimah’s decision follows a standout season where he played a crucial role, featuring in 30 league matches and scoring one goal during the 2023/24 campaign.

His leadership and experience have been invaluable to Hearts of Oak, making his potential departure a significant setback for the team.

While the club has not officially commented on Agbesimah’s request or the underlying reasons, it is believed to be linked to internal matters.

Hearts of Oak now faces the challenge of potentially losing a key player who has been central to their defensive structure and team cohesion.

Efforts to resolve the situation between Agbesimah and the club are reportedly underway as Hearts aims to mitigate the impact of his potential departure.

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