‘His manhood is too big’- Woman begs court to dissolve one-week old marriage

A woman in her mid 30 is pleading with a Nigerian court to dissolve a one-week-old marriage over the size of her husband’s manhood.

Aisha Dannupuwa, the mother of three, filed for divorce at the Sharia court to end her one-week-old marriage.

The divorcee told the court that she simply cannot continue to endure the nightmarish pain during sex.

According to sources, Aisha remarried after her first marriage failed.

“But it seems she jumped from frying pan to fire”

In her statement to the court, Aisha revealed that she first moved into her parents’ house and finally into her husband’s home as tradition demands, and there, they had sexual intercourse which was not a pleasant experience at all.

“When he came, we had sex but the experience was a nightmare. Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else because his penis was too big,” she told the court.

She further explained that the first sexual encounter with her husband left her private part in pain and resorted to using local medicines.

“Two days later when he came to visit me, we had sex again; but the experience was too much to bear, it was then I knew that I could not continue with the marriage because of the size of his penis,” she added.

The husband confirmed Aisha’s concern. He reportedly agreed to the dissolution of the one-week-old marriage.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Please give me her husband contact. I need help. Women always laughs at me because I am too small, infact very tiny and has decided not to date again

  2. Anonymous says

    Ohhh Damn wish I was the man’s wife. We starve sexually while others Run away from it. Life is so unfair.

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