How a prophet was burnt to death in Kejetia in aftermath of 81′ coup – Wife narrates

Wife of a slayed prophet, in the aftermath of Jerry Rawlings’ coup in 1981, has given a riveting account of how her husband was tortured, shot and burnt to death at the full glare of the people at Kejetia, the Central Business District in Kumasi.

“They tied him, behind the car, drove him around the entire Kejetia market. They untied him and told him to go but when he was farther away from the car, they shot him, ” Mrs Hannah Asare recalled the traumatising experience.

She recounted the dreadful day in a Joy News documentary, ‘Scars of the Revolution documentary, which highlights the 1979 and 1981 revolutions, led by Ft. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings.

In the documentary monitored by TheGhanaReport.com, a number of military generals, former heads of state and religious leaders were executed.

Mrs Asare recalled the horrifying announcement that followed her husband’s death in February 1982: “He is dead, we are burning him so everybody should come and see. ”

In a bid to compensate the victims of these brutalities, the Restitution Act came into effect.

The Restitution Act 611 states that victims who suffered unlawful confiscation of property and families treated unfairly be given monetary compensation.

The amount to be given as at then varied based on the degree to which one suffered in the hands of oppressors.

“Loss of life resulting from human rights violation to killing disappearance was GH₵20million to GH₵30 million. Torture to death was between GH₵15million to GH₵30million. Just torture, one is compensated with GH₵5million to GH₵15million. However, if one has been able disabled as a result of shooting, bombs or torture is given GH₵5million to GH₵10million, ” was the proposed compensations the Council came up with.

Today, the value of such monies will be between GH₵ 50 to GH₵300.

However, 15 years after the commission ended it work, Mrs Asare tells Joynews, that all attempts made to receive the amount she was promised yielded no results.

“I introduced myself to the Commisson and I was the 27th person to sign up. I was there with my in-law to sign the petition so after giving my testimony I was asked what I wanted?

To which, she said “Something small to take care of my children.”

“But I did not receive a penny, ” she reiterated.



Source The Ghana Report/Gloria KAFUI Ahiable

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