How To Ask A Girl Out On A Date – 18 Tips To Make Her Say Yes

Figuring out how to ask a girl out on a date can be super unnerving. When is the right time to ask a girl out? How do I know if she really likes me? Does she even think I’m cute? We know you boys worry about this way too much before popping that question. Saying ‘Hey, I’d love to take you to dinner sometime’ is harder than we think.

Remember when Ashton Kutcher adorably brought carrots to a date in the movie No Strings Attached when the girl strictly said ‘No flowers!’? That’s exactly the level of charm you also need when it comes to how to ask a girl out on a date. Don’t be so scared. Be yourself and add a little pep in your step. Plain sweet innocence wins, but persistence is just as important.

How To Ask A Girl Out On A Date – 18 Tips To Make Her Say Yes

There are the good old cliche lines to ask a girl out on a date and also lots of other cute ways to ask a girl out in person. The real key lies in sweeping her off her feet smoothly but also not overdoing it to the point of her making her cringe. There is a fine line between the two and you do not want to cross it. You need the perfect set of funny asking out texts, a good rapport and charm that she will not be able to refuse.

A coffee date or chilled out things to do with her at home, there are a lot of ways to make your time special. How to ask a girl out on a date however, is an important stepping stone in making that happen. The way you do it is as important as actually doing it. But don’t you worry anymore. From this point forward, we’ve got you. We give you 18 tips to make her say yes.

1. Small talk is important

How to ask a girl out on a date over texts calls for some riveting conversation before you actually ask her. Since your personality is not there to actually speak for you, your words on text need to really make a difference. Show her what you’ve got by saying goodbye to all your texting anxiety.

Even when asking her out in person, indulge in some good small talk but not the forceful kind. In fact you should even consider to ask a girl for a date indirectly if you are so nervous. Make it peppy, lighthearted and fun. Then try to give out witty responses to show her that you’re putting in the effort to convince her.

2. How to ask a girl out on a date? Dress well!

Dress to impress is always a key factor when you want to woo a girl, no matter what way. She needs to know that you take yourself seriously before she can consider anything at all. To tempt her in all the right ways, put on your smartest clothes when you want to ask her on a date.

This is one of the valuable tips for a first date too. Optics matter! She needs to know you are someone who takes care of himself. Keep it casual and place-appropriate though, don’t show up in a tie to a coffee shop.

3. How to ask a girl out on Instagram? Respond to her stories

If you’re wondering how to ask a girl out on Facebook or Instagram, you can do that by slipping right into her DMs. When she posts a story, you can slyly respond to it and say something like, “Your smile is beautiful, I’d love to see it in person. Can I take you out Friday night?”

Shoot your shot in this way and trust us, she will be impressed with you. She probably has ten other unopened DMs from guys asking her out anyway so try to make yours stand out a little bit. When you ask a girl to meet up over text on Instagram, get creative and do something to get her attention.

4. Pop the question in a meme

Memes can definitely make you laugh, but also a lot of times they can also do all the talking for you. if you can’t think of something to say, then try this new-school method instead. There are a lot of cute memes out there that can suggest taking a girl out on a date without directly implying it.

Use the power of global creativity on your hands and send a funny meme to make her smile with glee. Memes are happy to come to your rescue if you want to ask a girl out on a date online.

5. Don’t move your hands too much

Figuring out how to ask a girl out on a date is crucial when you do it in person. You want to appear right for her, charm her and make her interested all at the same time without coming off as too enthusiastic. There are many body language mistakes men make and you do not want to make any of them. If you try a little too hard, it may turn her off and make her bolt in the other direction.

Be direct and to the point and not to use your hands a lot. It’s a dead give-away that you’re a nervous wreck and doesn’t make you look too good. Be poised and confident in the way you carry yourself. Too many gesticulations can make you seem way too eager when asking her out on a harmless and potential coffee date.

6. Confidence is key

Whether in person or online, you should be oozing confidence when asking her out. How to ask a girl for a date over text is all about making yourself seem desirable so she just cannot refuse. However, this needs to be done carefully to not make yourself seem too smug.

Appear confident in your ability to charm her but don’t make it seem like you don’t even need to try hard. You should know how to make a girl laugh but also not make it too obvious. You want to uphold your dignity but you don’t want to make her feel like she is too easy for you. Let her feel chased.

7. A winsome smile

If you’re approaching a girl at a bar or in a café, there’s really not much preparation in the works that can help you out. IN such a case, you really just have to wing it. No matter how much you prepare or overthink it beforehand, you will do something out of the blue when you actually speak with her.

At such a point, you can only rely on a little bit of luck and try to smile your way into a date. Have an approachable and kind expression to make her say yes.

8. Careful with the punchlines

What to say when asking a girl out on a date requires careful deliberation. Don’t take it too easy because there is a really thin line between cute and too cheesy. You might be looking for a smooth way to ask a girl out over text but you could just end up using the worst pickup lines on her. You really do not want to come off as a creep especially when you’re approaching her in person.

Don’t suggest taking her home in the first thing that you say to her. Chances are, she will throw her drink at you. Weigh your words before you use them and read her body language well to see if she’s actually interested in you in the first place or not.

9. Use a funny YouTube video

What are some cute ways to ask a girl out in person, you ask? Pay heed to this one! Nowadays, there are a lot of quirky YouTube videos that are titled ‘Send this to your crush’ and have a funny person usually dancing and is edited to say something like ‘Go out with me’ in the middle of the video. Use it to impress her and say yes to you.

10. Send her a song to ask a girl for a date indirectly

Just like silly YouTube videos, sometimes a sweet song can do the trick and make figuring out how to ask a girl out on a date easier for you. Send her the link to a song you like or a song you think she may enjoy. Music truly can connect people together and she will definitely appreciate this gesture.

Then you can easily pop the question and ask a girl for a date through text easily because the ice is already broken between the two of you. Fingers crossed that she enjoys the song and your company too!

11. Take cues from her pictures

The other day my friend was confused and asked me, how to ask a girl out on a date on Tinder? I told him it is simple. On Tinder, you have to use the limited information of her profile to make things work in your favor.

If she has a lot of pictures, it can be a good start point. Compliment an outfit or a location in her photo and say, ‘This bar looks so cool! When are you taking me here?’ Voila and done.

12. Offer to buy her drink

That’s a semi first date right there. If you want to pick up your girl at a bar, offer her a drink then and there. It does not have to be a long proper date, but it can certainly set a good tone for any actual future dates.

Chat her up and have some fun, lively conversation over a drink. Then nicely ask her out to a proper date. If she liked her time with you, she will not be able to refuse this one.

13. Slip her your number

Take the lead but also make her come halfway with this trick. If you’re gazing at her in a restaurant or saw her grocery shopping, it may not be easy to have a full conversation in such a place. In that case, slip her a note with your number on it and charm her away.

14. Asking a girl out on a date- flowers can do wonders

How to ask a girl out on a date so that she says yes? Well, aim to sweep her off her feet and make her blush even before the actual date! If you’re lucky enough to know her address, send a bouquet of flowers to her place. This old school charm can definitely work in your favor.

This is one of the perfect romantic gestures to try. Write a note with a date, time and place to make it extra romantic and ask her to meet you there. Women like it when men make the effort and take the lead. She is going to love this one!

15. Invite her to a double date when you ask a girl for a date through text

To some this may seem too forward, but nowadays, it is perfectly okay. If you have couple friends that you are really close to, you can invite her to a double date with them.

‘I’m tired of third wheeling Robert and Maya every time we go out. Do you want to join us and save me this time?’. This is a great line. It doesn’t make you look too eager but also that you love her company.

16. Recommend a cool place before you ask a girl to meet up over text

This is an old trick in the book but sort of an unused one. Mention a cool place in the city that you’ve been meaning to go to and start there. ‘There’s an old pottery museum near my house that I just discovered but I don’t know who would be interested in that. Would you like to accompany me tomorrow evening?’

Say something on these lines to ask a girl out on a date, and she most likely won’t say no. Plus, you appear way more cultured this way!

17. Compliment her well

‘I just need a reason to keep talking to you, you’re so cute. Can we take this conversation to a coffee date?’ is a perfectly charming way if you’re wondering how to ask a girl for a coffee date.

She will be completely smitten and this is also the perfect way to make a girl think about you. She will also be impressed that you’re a good listener to her.

18. The right place and time

The middle of a run or when she is with her friends – these are terrible moments when navigating the maze of how to ask a girl out on a date. Don’t send her funny asking out texts in the most random situations where she does not get the time to process or think about what she wants.

When is the right time to ask a girl out? When you’re both sharing a happy conversation, she is laughing or she is clearly interested in what you have to say. Don’t be too random or do it before you’ve made a solid impression.

So you get it now! It is simple and easy. Be confident, passionate and honest in the way you conduct yourself and she will not be able to say no to you.


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