Hundreds Observe V-Day VOICES Audio Play In Accra

Over a hundred diasporans and Ghanaians made a massive turnout at the V-Day global activist movement event held on Sunday, December 18, 2022, at the Nubuke Foundation in Accra.

Growing from a singular play to a vast global movement of survivors, artists, and activists, V-Day works at the intersection of art and activism to shatter taboos, create space for women and the most marginalised and initiate community-led culture and system change.

The organisers of the V-Day, as part of their line-up activities, launched the VOICES audio play directed by poet Aja Monet.

VOICES is an interdisciplinary audio play and campaign grounded in Black women’s stories by V-Day to unify the vision of ending violence against women across the African continent and Africa Diaspora in honour of V-Day’s 25th anniversary and Ghana’s Month of Returns.

The free-gate event featured an immersing listening experience of the debut audio play, providing a unique space for people to gather, and engage in the meaning of return and diaspora.

African women were also seen collaborating and loving each other across cultures, borders, and customs.

Addressing the media, Aja Monet mentioned that V-Day is a movement of everyday grassroots leaders demanding change for their communities.

“Feminism is African and we are here to change the world together. Get involved, and join the movement against violence against women and girls. We hope this inspires more arts, artists, and African women across the globe to come together and work to understand our power,” she said.

For 25 years, V-Day has unleashed vast grassroots, anti-violence work on college campuses and in communities – visionary work that has been survivor-led and focused, all this while revealing the power of art and activism to change culture and systems.

Founded by V (formerly Eve Ensler), activist and author of The Vagina Monologues, V-Day has raised collective consciousness about how violence and gender intersect.

The Vagina Monologues and other artistic works curated by V-Day have been staged across the world by local activists, survivors, and artists, raising over 120 million dollars for grassroots anti-violence groups, rape crisis centres, domestic violence shelters, and safe houses, shattering taboos and changing the way activists make a change in their communities.

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