Husband daringly rescues wife from robbery at gun-point

In the face of fear and death, a husband daringly jumped to the rescue of his wife, a businesswoman who was being robbed at gun-point in Accra.

Theophilus Prince Tetteh said he was upstairs when he heard the cry of his panic-stricken wife, Eunice Tetteh at home, at Gbawe Gonse, in Accra.

It was one of those regular trips back home from work on August 2, 2018, at about 8:00 pm when three armed-robbers pounced on her as she entered the compound.

Narrating the facts of the case, Chief Inspector Samuel Ahiabor, said the three criminals had apparently laid ambush near the house of the victim.

The accused persons; Issah Iddrisu, Micheal Asante and Samuel Quartey, are all residents of Ablekuma, Afuaman and Mallam respectively.

The complainant, Eunice Tetteh and her husband reside at Gbawe Gonse, in Accra.

Immediately Mrs Tetteh entered her house, Iddrisu with the help of other two accomplices scaled the fence wall into the complainant’s compound with a knife and a loaded pistol.

With his gun pointed at Mrs Tetteh, Iddrisu ordered the complainant to surrender her car key and her two mobile phones, and the complainant who at this time was completely shaken with fear quickly gave the items to the accused to spare her life.

The complainant’s husband, Theophilus Prince Tetteh, who was in the bathroom upstairs overhead noises that were unusual in his compound.

He rushed downstairs to find that Iddrisu was holding a gun pointed at his wife.

With a bit of luck, Mr Tetteh acted quickly but dangerously and struggled with the attacker, Iddrisu. He overpowered and disarmed the accused person of his gun.

The second accused person, Micheal Asante, was trying to enter into the house to continue with the robbery. But the complainant’s family resisted him.

Asante, sensing danger took to his heels, leaving his accomplice behind.

Iddrisu, having been disarmed of his gun, pulled out a knife and inflicted multiple wounds on the complainant’s husband.

At this time, the complainant’s daughter ran out to call neighbours to assist her family.

Some neighbours rushed to the rescue of the family and overpowered the armed Iddrisu of his knife and arrested the criminal. His foreign pistol had 2 magazines loaded with 20 rounds of ammunition.

The neighbours also retrieved the complainant’s car key and the two mobile phones and called a police patrol team which responded promptly and arrested the suspect.

On August 14, 2018, the second accused was also arrested from his hideout by the complainant’s husband upon a tip-off.


The 37-year-old driver is set to face his new life in prison, as the Accra Circuit Court has slapped him with a 30-year jail term.

Issah Iddrisu was sentenced on five counts — conspiracy to commit robbery, attempt to commit robbery, robbery, causing harm, possession of arms and ammunition without lawful authority.

He is to serve 30, 4, 3, 2, and 5 years respectively. All the sentence are to be run concurrently.

The presiding judge, Afia Owusua Appiah, asked if the accused person had anything to say before receiving his punishment.

Iddrisu could only beg for mercy. He pleaded with the judge to consider the fact that he has three children who depended on him.

But the judge maintained that looking at the nature of his crime and the gravity of the offence, it was right he was punished to set an example for others.

The other accomplices were sentenced on their own plea.

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