I don’t dictate for Medikal; Shatta Wale comments on Medikal’s marriage and more

Shatta Wale has shared his thought on Medikal and Fella Makafui’s marriage brouhaha.

There have been reports that there’s trouble in the camp of the couple over Medikal featuring Sister Derby her ex-lover in a new song.

The actress who has been spotted a few times without her wedding ring has also been captured in an Instagram Live video where she said is now single. However, Medikal has denied reports of trouble in his marriage.

According to the rapper, Fella doesn’t have any problem with the collaboration. However, rumour mongers insist there’s trouble in the home. Shatta Wale speaking on the claims has distanced himself from the brouhaha.

According to the dancehall act who is Medikal’s closest friend, he is usually held responsible for all the happenings around him, including that of his adult friends. In a Ghanaweb report, he said people tag him as ‘The bad guy’ and blame him for all the wrongs due to how he has been labelled all these years.

“For instance, if Medikal decides to break up with Fella and abandon their marriage, I (Shatta) will be held accountable,” Shatta Wale said while reacting to reports that he caused the split between Medikal and his former manager, FlowDelly.

“I look like a hawk, but I don’t catch chickens. I am not saying this should happen but even if Medikal is not with his wife they will say it’s Shatta who caused it,” Shatta stated in a discussion on Hitzfm.

Distancing himself from Medikal’s personal life and music career, Shatta said “I don’t dictate for him. He is a whole big man, and he has said it in a way that people will understand that if you want business I have people who can do that… Medikal is a businessman, and he is not saying he has sacked Flow Delly and I know he is working with distributors outside Ghana, and he is okay [SIC].”

Shatta Wale concluded Medikal’s separation from his manager does not necessarily mean their relationship has turned sour.

“Maybe he [Medikal] has a team that he is trying to project his career, but he is letting people know that he has moved on. He and flow are cool. I know they spoke not long ago and Flow is my brother, and he knows I won’t vouch for anything like that…,” Shatta emphasised.



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