I goofed – James Gardiner on his ‘amazing’ repetition at VGMA

Actor James Gardiner

Actor James Gardiner has admitted he goofed at the recent Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

The actor co-hosted the red-carpet show on the night.

In a hilarious video a few hours after the event, the actor was captured using the word ‘amazing’ 27 times as compliment to celebrities who appeared on it.

Admitting that he goofed, the actor insisted it was not 27 times as his critics make it look like.

“I overused amazing, it was a mistake I goofed but my interaction with the guest and everything else was on point and it was not 27times,” he said.

In an interview on “ATUU”, the actor insisted he used other words that were not captured in the viral video because of ulterior motives.

“I used different vocabularies during the red-carpet show, but I admit it was a mistake. I goof a little on camera, that video was edited,” he said.

Gardiner was optimistic organizers of the event would give him another chance next year.

“ The franchise is in somebody’s hands so if they call me, why not I will go,” he said.


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