I have “endured” three marriages – Dzidzor Mensah recounts ordeal

Source The Ghana Report/ Aba Asamoah

Former AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has recounted a harrowing experience of her married life describing it as one that no one should ever wish for.

According to her, she never enjoyed married life even though she has been married to three different men in times past.

Explaining how difficult her life has been, Ms. Mensah said, she lost her first husband at age 19 when she was expecting her first child and was subsequently thrown out of her house by neighbours because they suspected her husband died of HIV/AIDS.

“Got pregnant at age 19 in 2007 to a man I was in love with. He died before I gave birth. I was really traumatised. My neighbours beat me up and threw me out of the house with the speculations that my boyfriend had died of AIDS,” she said.

She recounted how her second and third marriages fell on rocks due to marital abuse she suffered in the hands of her husbands

 “Got married in 2010 at age 23 and got divorced three years later because I lost interest in my husband due to the maltreatment, he was giving my first son. He could beat him as if he was wrestling with his mates.

I got married again in 2015 at age 27 to a Nigerian small boy who deceived me he was also 27 when he was actually 22 years. I had a son for him. He thought I was rich because he read so much about me on social media. He started demanding for huge sums of money which I couldn’t give him. He turned me into his punching bag. I suffered a lot of injuries from his abuse. When he smokes and comes home then it becomes worse. He died mysteriously in a prayer camp in Nigeria after doctors both in Ghana and Nigeria failed to diagnose his illness so he had no treatment.” She said

The Former HIV/AIDS ambassador says these life experiences have left her with a bipolar condition, which she has been struggling with for some time now.

“I have suffered a lot trauma from people and I admit some of the problems were my fault…. I’m now battling depression with bipolar…some people cannot stand half of my story. some would have run mad on the street. But I was left with depression and Bipolar a condition that most people don’t understand and they think I’m not a descent woman.

I cannot live with this condition anymore because it brings me too much shame. Whenever you hear that I’m dead, don’t cry. Just play my favorite song and dance,” she wrote in what could be described as a suicide note.

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