I killed my 3-month-old baby to travel to the UK – Lady confesses

The desire to travel overseas in search of greener pastures causes some individuals to do everything necessary to make it happen.

There have been reports of falsification of documents and other desperate measures over the years.

However, the latest is the alleged murder of an innocent baby to ensure a smooth journey without any hurdles.

Even though the claims have not been independently verified, an anonymous lady has disclosed that she committed the heinous crime of killing her three-month-old baby so she could move overseas to pursue a new life in the United Kingdom (UK).

In a thread on Facebook spotted by The Ghana Report on Anonymous Confessions, a page dedicated to confessions by social media followers, a lady confessed to the crime while asking for forgiveness.

In what appears to be a response to a WhatsApp status by another person asking of people’s deepest secrets they would die with, the lady replied:

The post resulted in a serious debate as some social media users could not believe that a mother could take the life of her baby.

“This is a joke….stop it…..,” one user replied.

“Couldn’t she have given the child to someone to take care of for her?” Another person questioned.

Below are some more reactions that accompanied the post:

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