‘I started as an actress’- Maya Blu shares her journey in the music industry

Ghanaian Afrobeat artist Miriam Adjei popularly referred to as Maya Blu, has opened up about her personal life and career in music, revealing that she first started as an actress.

In a recent interview with 3xtra, Maya Blu disclosed that a chance encounter at a church rehearsal led her to discover her singing talent.

According to her, her music career was discovered at the tender age of 15 when she sang a song at a church rehearsal, catching the attention of the pianist which marked the inception of her musical career and eventually led her to Lynx Entertainment.

“I actually started as an actress. I used to take part in stage acts and performances in school. Until I was 15 years old in SHS one I went to escort a friend to a church rehearsal. She was singing a song. She couldn’t really sing it well and I was like ‘This is my favourite song’ and I sang it and the pianist was like ‘wow, that was cool’ Then we started something out performing at restaurants and live band performances.” She stated.

The Lynx signee revealed the origin of her stage name while sharing more about her identity. She said it is a combination of her native name, “Maame Yaa,” and her favorite color, Blue. She feels that the combination perfectly captures her unique personality.

The ‘sho’ hitmaker emphasized the importance of not giving up, working diligently, and seeking improvement through voice training and self-assessment. She also stated she participated in various auditions, including MTN Hitmaker 2019, where she made it to the top 12.

When asked about her mentors, Maya Blu expressed her admiration for Richie Mensah, the CEO of Lynx Entertainment describing him as an incredible mentor whose guidance has been invaluable. Additionally, she mentioned Adina, another Lynx Entertainment artist, whose exceptional vocals have inspired her.

Maya Blu also shared advice she received from a colleague artiste; Mr. Drew where he encouraged her to have fun while performing and assured her that the audience would respond positively.

“So, I told Mr. Drew how I was feeling, we were chatting on set, and he was like, just go do your thing, have fun, and the people will love you. I went there, I did my thing, I had fun, I didn’t even care about how people were feeling at that moment, but so far as I was enjoying it, the crowd was enjoying it” the singer stated.

Reflecting on her gratitude, Maya Blu thanked her parents for their support and herself for her determination to pursue her dreams.
Maya Blu’s career has not only contributed to her professional growth but also her personal development. She finds fulfillment in making people happy through her music, although her busy schedule often limits her personal life.

While Maya Blu hasn’t faced significant challenges in her career, she acknowledges that the industry can be demanding and advises fellow artists to prioritise self-care and protect their mental health.

“You can’t please everybody so just do it for yourself and most importantly, protect your heart cos depression is real.”

Notably, she also expressed her ambition to perform at the Grammys and Oscars and for future collaborations expressing her desire to work with a wide range of artists.

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